Bill Thibault


Born in a dirt floor shack in Tennessee, Bill Thibault's humble beginnings didn't stop him from becoming one of the most interesting people in unincorporated Alameda County. After several years as an itinerant altar boy and lawn guy, Bill found his way into to Illuminati where he staged several successful coups and a spot on Reagan's National Security Council. Finding it hard to work with so many criminals, he soon found his way back to the free-wheeling life of a street denizen, traveling mass transit at night and bumming smokes by day. Eventually a team of Lithuanian astronauts hired him to plan their unsuccessful bid to put a man in London. Undeterred by the ensuing conviction and brief prison term, he found his way into a position in the Lithuanian cabinet and began the wholesale freeing of imported Estonian canaries. Eventually, he was institutionalized, receiving full tenure in 1992. He now imports edible wallpaper and has been awarded "Most Likely to Secede" by the Confederacy of Governments in Exile. Once considered a prime contender for county office, Bill Thibault has returned to his roots as a Balkan state official. The most well-known outcome of this was his book "Canary in a Coal Mine," revisiting his tenure in the Ministry of Imported Fowl. Although lauded in the press, the book has led to reprisals by gangs of vigilante bird smugglers and feline rights activists. Mr. Thibault has since fled Lithuania to seek asylum in the US.


Bill Thibault lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He's created and performed with tools for a variety of media including 3D multichannel audio, multichannel video, and multi-projector display calibration. For many years he taught Computer Science at Cal State University, East Bay. Lately he performs with various live musicians, using his software for improvised graphics. His hobbies include walking, reading, (losing at) chess and disc golf.