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Bill Thibault is a computer scientist and artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Playing saxophone during his high school years in New Orleans began a long fascination with improvisation. During college he took to computers, got a doctorate from Georgia Tech, and took a teaching job at CSUEB in Hayward. There he had a chance to meet and work with various people in the Bay Area, including many from the Mills College Center for Contemporary Music. He's created tools for a variety of media including 3D multichannel audio spatialization, multichannel video, and multi-projector display calibration. Lately, he performs with various live musicians, using his software for improvised graphics.


  1. Computers can extend and transform our perception of the world to create novel experiences.
  2. The truest expressions of computation are perhaps best made by writing programs, not using tools written by others.
  3. Musical instruments are the best way we know to control technology in realtime.
  4. The boundary between "real" and "virtual" is spanned by perception, which is not an exclusively human characteristic.


The novel "Live Graphics Nightly" by Fred Lakin describes "a funky little graphics bar underneath the freeway in West Oakland," where "visual artists have come to make magic on the big screen with a beam of light." The improvised live graphics performances in Lakin's novel come close to capturing the spirit of Thibault's work.

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